Security Selection Process

Equity Selection Process

  1. Total Available Equity Investments
  2. Bloomberg screening utilized to create Equity Investment Universe
  3. Approximately 1,200 eligible equity securities
  4. Quality screening, Internally developed equity model, Independent research, Qualitative business assessment and Relative Value assessment utilized to create Equity Buy List
  5. Equities selected from Buy List to create customized client portfolios
Fixed Income Selection Process

  1. Total Available Fixed Income Investments
  2. Quality screening excludes all assets with credit rating below “BBB”
  3. Internally developed “Relative Value” Fixed Income Model seeks bonds that are competitively priced, maximizing yield.
  4. Economic and inflation conditions analyzed to determine optimum length of Fixed Income maturity ladder and use of callable securities
  5. Individual investors’ tax bracket considered in order to maximize after-tax yield