Fixed Income

Our Fixed Income Process

Bonds are included in client portfolios to generate current income and provide risk diversification. This income can be sent to the client or maintained in the account for reinvestment. In addition to providing current income, bonds are less risky than stocks, reducing the overall risk of the investment portfolio. We maintain a high-quality bias when buying bonds and utilize internally developed valuation models to buy the most attractive bonds available for our clients.

Our quantitative bond model analyzes bond yields across various sectors to determine which sectors are offering the most attractive yields for a particular maturity. This is one component of the process that ensures we are maximizing interest income for our clients.

Determining which individual bonds to buy is predicated on a qualitative analysis of issuer quality, the current interest rate environment, economic environment and our outlook for interest rates going forward.

At all times, we blend these processes to maximize income over the long-term while ensuring our very stringent quality parameters are met.  Consideration of a client’s unique tax situation may lead to the purchase of tax-free municipal bonds.