About Us

It’s really all about you…

Few things are more important to an individual than their financial security. That’s why Plimoth Investment Advisors has assembled a  knowledgeable team of investment specialists with advanced certifications and degrees. These experts have investment experience from some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

We have a long history of successful portfolio management across several types of accounts for both private and institutional clients.

While a sound investment discipline is an important component of managing a client’s financial affairs, we are committed to building a strong relationship ensuring regular ongoing communication.

Our services include:

Investment Management

When it comes to managing clients’ assets, we employ a disciplined investment strategy tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We have created five strategies that range from maximizing income to maximizing growth. They include: Income, Income with Growth, Balanced, Growth and Income, and Growth. However, we may find a particular client who requires a portfolio somewhere between these strategies. In those cases, we will blend the strategies to create a customized portfolio.

Trust and Fiduciary Services

We provide professional management of your financial affairs. We can handle all the administrative functions associated with your account, whether a trust or an individual account, from tax reporting to trust accounting. We also offer supportive financial services to make your life easier, such as automated bill payment, automated income payments and electronic transfers to other bank accounts.

Retirement Plans

For business owners, we offer expert advice in the area of retirement plans. A meeting with one of our retirement plans specialists will help you determine the type of plan that fits your organizational needs, from relatively simple to more complex solutions. Our services range from facilitating implementation and administration through investment selection and employee education. Retirement plan options are available to small and large businesses alike, and range from fairly simple to more intricate programs. In any case, we can help clarify the distinctions, and help you make informed decisions for your organization.

Estate Administration

Today’s complex family situations and changing tax laws make the process of estate planning quite daunting. Yet reducing taxes, passing your legacy to heirs and protecting your family remain critically important. We work with your family and professional advisors to ensure legal documents are in place to meet your objectives and minimize estate tax consequences.