Employee Benefit Services

How Plimoth Investment Advisors Can Help Your Business

Most solutions offering Employee Benefit Services will assist your business with Plan Administration, offer your employees a vast array of investment options, and provide you with employee communication, customer service and client administration. However, how many solutions will take care of all your compliance concerns?

As an Investment Advisor with discretion over the plan’s investments, we act as an ERISA Section 3(38) fiduciary offering “safe harbor” protection for plan sponsors by relieving them of responsibility and potential liability associated with investing plan assets.

We offer prudent practices to employers with services that take care of you:

  • Plan design and consulting
  • Fiduciary Support and Investment Services
  • Communication and Education
  • Compliance
  • Coordination with Recordkeepers/Third Party Administrators
  • Investment Policy Statement

How Plimoth Investment Advisors Can Help Your Employees

Plimoth Investment Advisors provide managed investment options covering objectives ranging from conservative to aggressive. Ongoing assistance is provided to your employees through employee meetings that cover plan provisions, enrollment, investment education as well as an overview of the voice response and web access options (through our third party administrator alliances). In addition, an informative quarterly investment newsletter written by our in-house investment experts is uploaded onto the plan’s website.

Investment Management:

401(k) Participant Directed Plans feature:

A retirement plan that allows the participant (employee) to investment the assets they save is a “participant directed plan” or commonly known as a 401(k) plan. Most retirement plan service providers will assist your business to help create a plan, provide general plan support, offer investment selection recommendations and provide generic employee communication. But is that enough? Plimoth does not believe so.

While we offer all of the above referenced services, Plimoth’s services are more comprehensive. Specifically, we pride ourselves on providing superior employee education. The long-term success of a plan is predicated on getting employees to participate and save for their own future AND ensuring they are making suitable investment choices. This is where Plimoth excels.

We have developed enrollment presentations and materials to encourage participation to ensure employees are maximizing the retirement benefit they are being offered by the employer. Plimoth also provides the participant the opportunity to meet one-on-one for private question and answer sessions with a retirement plan specialist. These meetings can be held in person, virtually or by telephone. Plimoth also provides economic and market updates to your participant, making them aware of what is happening in both the economy and markets. Finally, Plimoth sends periodic communications during periods of volatility to both educate and remind participants that successful investing is a long-term proposition and markets will always undergo periods of volatility…up and down.

Plimoth also acts as an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary offering “safe harbor” protection for Plan Sponsors by relieving them of the responsibility and potential liability associated with investing plan assets.

Cash Balance, Defined Benefit, Profit Sharing Plans feature:

A Defined Benefit Pension Plan is a plan that holds assets for the benefit of participants, but unlike a 401(k) plan, the employer decides how plan assets are to be invested. As such, the employer retains the investment risk in the portfolio and is responsible for providing future agreed upon payments to employees when they reach retirement or otherwise separate from the plan.

Plimoth Investment Advisors has a long and successful track record of managing these type of pension assets for Plan Sponsors. We start by creating a customized investment policy for the plan and then consider the appropriate long-term asset structure. Once the structure is established, Plimoth manages assets to the Plan Sponsor’s unique investment objectives and liquidity needs.

We hold regular investment meetings with the Plan Sponsor to review pension account performance and activities. These meetings also alert us to possible cash needs in the coming months which allows us to prepare adequate liquidity in the structure of the portfolio.

If you want to learn more about setting up a retirement plan in your workplace, or would like to have your plan undergo an objective review of fees and services, please contact Danielle Chiappinelli.

For more information on Employee Benefit services call Danielle Chiappinelli at 508-742-4722 or email employeebenefits@pliadv.com.