Employee Benefit Services

How Plimoth Investment Advisors Can Help Your Business

Plimoth Investment Advisors has a retirement plan services team dedicated to helping businesses and participants with their retirement plan needs. Most advisors offering retirement plan services will assist your business with basic retirement plan administration and generalized employee communications. Plimoth goes beyond the basics: we will take on the responsibility of selecting the investment options offered in your qualified Plan and educating your participants on how to make the most of their retirement savings.

As an investment advisor to your Plan, Plimoth Investment Advisors can function as an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary with discretion over selecting the plan’s investments. Utilizing our 3(38) fiduciary services allows plan sponsors to delegate the responsibility and potential liability of selecting plan investments to professionals with expertise in selecting and monitoring investments. Our investment team members have years of investment experience, as well as advanced degrees and professional certifications.

We offer solutions for plan sponsors which include:

  • 3(38) and 3(21) Investment Fiduciary Services
  • Participant Communication and Education Services
  • Coordination with Recordkeepers/Third Party Administrators
  • Plan Design and Consulting
  • Investment Policy Statement creation

How Plimoth Investment Advisors Can Help Your Employees

Plimoth Investment Advisor’s services are comprehensive. We provide a range of investment options covering the objectives of your retirement plan. Investment selections are made using a proprietary model we’ve developed in-house. We aim to provide a variety of investments that will offer participants fee-conscious options. We do not receive commissions on products or take 12-b1 fees (annual marketing and distribution fees typically paid to intermediaries for selling a fund’s shares) for any of the investments we select for client’s Plans.

We pride ourselves on offering robust employee education. The long-term success of a retirement plan is predicated on getting employees to understand the importance of participating, and ensuring they are making suitable investment choices. This is where Plimoth excels.

Plimoth provides ongoing assistance to your employees either in-person, at your place of business, or virtually.  We offer both one-on-one and group meetings, which cover plan provisions, enrollment, investment education, as well as an overview of your retirement plan’s participant website.  We provide our clients with our informative monthly investment newsletter written by our in-house investment experts, to share with plan participants.

We have developed enrollment presentations and materials to encourage participation to ensure employees understand their retirement plan benefits. Plimoth provides economic and market updates, making participants and plan sponsors aware of what is happening in both the economy and markets.  Plimoth also sends periodic communications to both educate and remind participants that successful investing is a long-term proposition.

Investing for Defined Benefit Plans

Plimoth Investment Advisors has a long and successful history of managing pension assets for plan sponsors. We start by creating a customized investment policy statement for the Plan and then consider the appropriate long-term asset structure. Once the structure is established, Plimoth manages assets to the plan sponsor’s unique investment objectives. We also hold regular investment meetings with the plan sponsor to review pension account performance and activities.

If you want to learn more about setting up a retirement plan in your workplace, or if you would like to have your Plan undergo an objective Retirement Plan Review, which assesses current plan features, fees and services, please contact Danielle Chiappinelli on our Retirement Plan Services team at 508-742-4722  or employeebenefits@pliadv.com.