Who We Are

Plimoth Investment Advisors is a community savings bank-owned trust company providing customized, prudent and disciplined investment management and trust service to the clients we serve.

Plimoth is owned by two independent and financially secure community savings banks, BayCoast Bank and Dedham Saving Bank. This ownership structure ensures the long-term stability of the organization, building upon the years of service each owner bank has provided within their respective communities.

Much like their owner-banks, Plimoth focuses on creating a personalized and unique experience for its clients. In a day where most companies provide their customers with 800 numbers and voice response systems, Plimoth clients enjoy a team of two professionals that combine to personally oversee the activities on their investment accounts. Each team member has specific roles, but our clients get direct phone numbers for each of their team members and can contact either for answers to questions or other support inquiries.

From an investment perspective, Plimoth utilizes a fundamental and discipline investment management approach that is rooted in research, data analysis and long-term portfolio construction that is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual client. We highly encourage clients to work with us to develop their investment plan, then apply our investment process to create a customized investment portfolio to meet their goals. As a trust company, we can serve as trustee on trust accounts and assist in a variety of capacities depending upon the circumstances of each client.

Plimoth successfully manages accounts for individuals, foundations, endowments and corporations. In each case, we apply our disciplined process and high level of communication to each relationship, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. Please see the Account Types tab for the types of accounts we manage for our clients.