Why Plimoth Investment

Ten Reasons to choose Plimoth Investment Advisors:

  • Plimoth Investment Advisors focuses on providing clients with the very best investment management services, delivered in a personalized service model that larger institutions simply do not provide.
  • Each account is assigned two points of contact, an Investment Officer and a Wealth Management Officer, to ensure thorough and timely attention to client needs and inquiries.
  • Investment Officers specialize in constructing customized investment portfolios and will work with each client to determine the most suitable investment strategy.
  • Wealth Management Officers specialize in trust and estate issues and work with each client and their Attorney to ensure all legal aspects of trust and administration are met.
  • We utilize a disciplined and quantitative investment methodology; the focus is on high-quality investments, designed to reduce portfolio risk while providing superior long-term performance.
  • Regular team meeting with clients to review their portfolios and assess any planning needs, either in our office or in the comfort of their home.
  • Bill payment services, automated income payouts and electronic transfer of funds from investment accounts to any banking institution’s savings and/or checking accounts.
  • Regular and complete account statements and online account access.
  • Complete coordination of tax reporting information.
  • Reasonable and competitively priced fee schedule.