Account Types

Plimoth Investment Advisors is proud to provide a variety of investment accounts for private and institutional clients. When you work with our advisors, they’ll utilize disciplined investment methods to customize investment portfolios that support your specific goals. If you’re interested in opening an investment account, please take a moment to review our diverse selection of options.

Our Investment Accounts for Private Clients

When you want to plan for retirement or reach a financial milestone, our team of experienced Investment Officers and Wealth Management Officers is ready to serve you. We have a long history of successful portfolio management and believe that with our selection of investment accounts, along with our highly personalized service model, we may help you find the right options to suit your needs. Learn more about the investment accounts we offer to private clients below:

  • Individual Investment Accounts. (Taxable)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts/Rollover. (Tax Deferred)
    • Roth IRA
    • Traditional IRA
  • Trust Accounts – Learn More
    • Revocable
    • Irrevocable 

Our Investment Accounts for Institutional Clients 

In addition to serving individuals, we also assist businesses and other institutions. Whether you’re a business looking to provide an exceptional employee benefit plan to your staff or a foundation wanting investment advice, our team can help. No matter your account type, you can expect our institutional portfolio managers to ensure you receive optimal investment positioning and portfolio structure.

Investment accounts for institutional clients include the following:

  • Employee Benefit Plans – Learn more
  • Charitable Accounts
  • Endowment Accounts
  • Foundation Accounts
  • Corporate Accounts
    • Cash Management Services
    • Diversified Portfolio Management Services

Choose Plimoth Investment Advisors for Your Personal and Institutional Investing Needs

With our wide selection of investment accounts for private and institutional clients, we’re confident we can support your financial goals. Since we take a client-centric approach, you can expect to receive unparalleled, personalized service. As one of our clients, you’ll have a Wealth Management Officer and Investment Officer assigned to you. Each of these officers is dedicated to ensuring you receive timely and thorough attention whenever you have an inquiry or want to discuss your account.

If you’re interested in any of our investment accounts, please contact us to get started. 

Institutional Portfolio Management

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Employee Benefit Services

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Trust Services

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