Institutional Portfolio Management

Customized Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors

Plimoth Investment Advisors specializes in the management of investment portfolios for institutional clients seeking customized solu­tions. Our portfolio managers work directly with clients in order to ensure optimal portfolio structure and investment positioning.

Why Plimoth Investment Advisors?

  • Disciplined process: Investing is a discipline. In order to be successful, your manager needs to adhere to a consistent discipline and process.
  • Experienced professionals: Our experienced and credentialed investment management team is structured to deliver high quality and steady management results and service. 
  • Dedicated to quality: We manage assets with a bias towards high-quality investment portfolios, limiting volatility and generating positive “risk-adjusted” returns. 
  • Superior service model: Two points of contact ensures easy access to and prompt service from our team.

Overall Investment Philosophy

At Plimoth Investment Advisors we utilize a top-down approach to asset management. This begins with a comprehensive review of current and expected future economic conditions. The outlook drives decisions con­cerning our target asset allocation structure to various asset types and exposure to securities within each type. Within this structure we maintain a discipline to own­ing “high-quality” assets, and a contrarian rebalancing approach that enforces a “buy low / sell high” methodol­ogy. This has proven to be a successful approach through multiple market cycles.

Investment Styles

  • Liquidity Management
  • Core fixed income
  • Large-cap equity core
  • Multi-asset equity
  • Blended portfolios

Firm Stability

Plimoth Investment Advisors was established to allow local community banks to compete in the highly competi­tive investment management marketplace. Owned by two local and well-capitalized community savings banks, Plimoth Investment Advisors enjoys the stability associated with community banking, while offering sophisticated investment solutions that are generally of­fered by larger national and regional financial institutions. Plimoth Investment Advisors is your local community investment manager.

For more information on Institutional Investing  please call Thom Miller at 781-320-4865 or email