July 3, 2024

On Air with Lou Sousa: Exploring Retirement Planning

This interview is part of the BayCoast presents series, highlighting the partnership between BayCoast Bank, its affiliates, and WSAR.

At Plimoth Investment Advisors, a proud subsidiary of BayCoast Bank, we had the privilege to illuminate the path toward secure retirement planning with Lou Sousa, our Chief Investment Officer, alongside Mike O’Sullivan, CEO of One South Coast Chamber, on WSAR’s “Education Spotlight.”

Reflecting our deep-rooted commitment to the financial prosperity of our community, this conversation brought to light a fundamental truth: Social Security alone cannot sustain our retirement dreams. Instead, weaving a diverse tapestry of savings, through instruments like 401(k)s and IRAs, creates a safety net that promises comfort and security in our later years.

Lou and Mike provided practical wisdom on key strategies such as determining how much to save, the significance of starting early, and the art of consistent saving — all indispensable tools that empower each of us to craft a financial future on solid ground.

As part of the BayCoast Bank family, we at Plimoth Investment Advisors pledge to champion financial literacy and offer tailored support to help you grow and achieve your goals. This conversation is a testament to our mission to educate and guide you with clarity and confidence through every step of your financial journey.

Investing in your future is not merely about saving; it’s a commitment to yourself and your loved ones to build a life enriched with possibilities and peace of mind. Together, we stand ready to navigate this journey with you, ensuring that your success becomes the backbone of our thriving community.

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