February 16, 2024

On Air: 27 Degrees Consulting – Trusts with Carol Simmons, VP of Plimoth Investment Advisors

In this insightful podcast episode, 27 Degrees Consulting sit down with Carol Simmons, Vice President of Plimoth Investment Advisors, to delve into the world of financial trusts.

In this engaging podcast episode, Carol Simmons, Vice President of Plimoth Investment Advisors, discusses the fascinating world of financial trusts. Throughout the conversation, Carol demystifies the concept of trusts, explaining their purpose, structure, and different types. From versatile living trusts to steadfast irrevocable trusts and compassionate special needs trusts, Carol delves into how each type serves unique roles in estate planning and wealth preservation.

Whether you’re embarking on your own estate planning journey, a financial professional seeking to broaden your knowledge, or simply curious about the role of trusts in managing wealth, this episode with Carol Simmons from our podcast partner, 27 Degrees Consulting, is a must-listen. Her expertise, clarity, and commitment to empowering individuals with financial literacy shine through, making this episode an indispensable resource for unraveling the intricacies of financial trusts.

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