December 21, 2021

Investing: Plimoth Investment Advisors Wealth Management vs. DIY Solutions

When you want to take control over your finances and invest properly, you’ll have the choice of turning to a professional or do it yourself.

Wealth management solutions involve professionals handling a client’s investment portfolio and other financial and fiduciary services.  In contrast, DIY solutions have an individual handling everything themselves.  As you decide between professional wealth management and DIY solutions, take a moment to learn more about them.

What do Plimoth Investment Advisors Wealth Management Solutions include?

Wealth management generally refers to an investment advisory service that includes various financial and fiduciary solutions designed to help clients properly create a financial plan, invest their money and plan for the future. When considering Plimoth for wealth management, a team of advisors will work with you to help shape your financial future, first by planning, then by implementing the necessary steps to ensure you’re on a path to achieve your goals. Plimoth’s approach of “Plan then Invest” will customize investment solutions that are tailored to meet your goals while remaining comfortable with the investment portfolio created to meet them. In addition to investing and actively managing a portfolio of stocks, bonds and other assets, Plimoth can also assist with tax information and long-term estate planning goals that are often a component of comprehensive wealth management solutions.

What are the DIY Wealth Management Solutions?

As you might expect, DIY wealth management solutions involve investors handling their portfolios and investment by themselves. Rather than have trained professionals advise them on the best investment for their goals, DIYers will have to create their own financial plan, research the market and perform the necessary steps to invest and continue to oversee the activities in their portfolios. Essentially, an individual managing their own wealth will need to handle all the tasks a professional wealth management officer would perform.

Why Choose Plimoth’s Wealth Management Solutions over DIY Solutions?

Since DIY solutions require a great deal of know-how, wealth management solutions are often a better choice for individuals looking to manage their financial affairs in the most prudent and effective manner possible. Find out more about the main reasons to choose Plimoth’s wealth management solutions over DIY solutions below:

Benefit from Our “Plan then Invest” Strategy: When you consider how your investments should be structured, it’s important to know what goals you hope to achieve and how much risk you should or are willing to take to achieve them. Once you understand your long-term needs and potential investment risks, you can then knowledgeably build an investment portfolio to meet both. Most DIYers skip this vital starting point.

Ensure Ongoing Portfolio Review and Oversight: Oftentimes, DIYers invest their portfolios in funds and then let them move up and down in markets, never adjusting for market changes and perhaps most importantly, changes in their own lives that may warrant an adjustment to their investments. A relationship with Plimoth will ensure portfolios are being reviewed and adjusted when necessary. Active communication ensures that changes in your personal situation are appropriately considered when managing your investments.

Greater Understanding of Investment Strategy: Unless you’ve already dedicated many hours to understanding investment strategy, tax law and estate planning, chances are the Plimoth team of professionals has a vast array of knowledge and experience the average DIYer simply does not have. While there is a fee to work with Plimoth wealth management, our experience in the financial and legal sectors can increase your probability of financial success due to our ability to manage investments through markets, along with providing tax and fiduciary information that can help preserve assets for yourself and future generations.

Lower Risk: Due to a professional wealth management officer’s understanding of markets, financial planning, and investment strategies, we oftentimes can reduce an investor’s risk, while maintaining the client’s ability to meet their long-term goals. Since our advisors have more experience in managing assets through financial market volatility, we can help prevent clients from making emotional investment decisions during times of turmoil.

Better Financial Organization: DIY investors often have accounts in various institutions and don’t have a clear investment strategy or understanding of how their assets are currently positioned in aggregate. Plimoth wealth management officers can help you consolidate brokerage accounts, 401ks, IRAs, and other relevant accounts into a single place to help you see exactly where your money is invested, how these accounts are performing, and whether they continue to be suitable to meet your goals.

Choose Plimoth Investment Advisors for Your Money Management Needs

For wealth management expertise, and unparalleled customer service, turn to Plimoth Investment Advisors for your specific needs.

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